AMC Plus Free Trial | How to Activate In 2023?

AMC Plus is a streaming service that combines a small live TV package with various movies and TV programs on demand. There is also a small package of live TV included. Users of Sling, AppleTV, Roku, YouTube TV, and Amazon Prime Video can try AMC+ for free. For 7days, you can try it out for free.  Read this article, and you will explore how to get AMC Plus free trial.

The program provides a 30-day free trial to people who do not currently have an Amazon Prime Video subscription or a Prime Video account. The Amazon Prime advantages, including free two-day delivery, Prime Music, and many more, are also included in the free trial.

AMC Free Trial

AMC Plus Free Trial | What is it?

AMC, Shudder, Sundance Now, and other networks’ exclusive programs and films are accessible without advertisements through the streaming service AMC+. AMC+ free trial is a special deal that enables customers to test out the service without paying for it for a brief period.

The free trial’s length may change depending on the offer, but it usually lasts between 7 and 30 days. Users have unrestricted access to the platform’s material during the free tryout. However, after the trial time concludes, users will be charged a monthly subscription price to continue utilizing the service.

Does AMC Plus offer any Free trial?

Yes, you can try the program’s free weekly trial. AMC+ is another program available through Amazon Prime Video and to users of Sling TV, Apple TV, the Roku Channel, and YouTube TV. 

How to Sign Up for a Free AMC Plus Trial?

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Go to the AMC Plus website on a desktop or laptop browser.
  2. The Try 7 Days Free option should be clicked. Click Sign In if you are already a registered member.

AMC Plus Free Trial

3. Enter your email address and password to establish your free account.

AMC Plus Free Trial4. After that, input your payment details. Enter your coupon code if you have one to receive additional savings.

5. Scroll down after providing all the information, then select Start Free Trial.

AMC Free Trial

Are there any cheap deals on AMC Plus? 

If you use AMC Plus, it’s unlikely that you will be able to reduce your monthly cost significantly. The company determines that providing a free trial for a week qualifies as the most cost-effective method of promotion. When expenses are considered, an AMC Plus monthly subscription comes to close to $9.99. 

If you use an external application like Apple TV or Amazon Prime Video to access AMC Plus, you can subscribe to and use it regularly. On the AMC + website, an annual membership costs $83.88 + VAT. The monthly cost is only $6.99. Consequently, there is a gain of $24 per year, which is nothing.

AMC Premiere vs AMC Plus Differences

The following are the differences between AMC Premier and AMC Plus:

  • One of the major differences between the two private AMC networks is the content that customers can access. Subscribers to AMC+ can access AMC-produced shows and material from the other three AMC companies. (Shudder, Sundance Now, and IFC Films Unlimited). On AMC Premiere, you can only find content from AMC.
  • Alternatively, you can still watch AMC Premiere. However, this strategy is completely distinct from AMC+. This suggests that even if you already have an AMC Premiere subscription, you must still sign up separately for AMC+.
  • You can sign up for AMC straight through AMC Premiere, cutting out the intermediary. Individuals cannot, however, obtain AMC+ on their own. They can only get it from unaffiliated TV companies or online distribution hubs.

Is AMC Plus’s free trial worth it?

Yes, If you like the television shows created by AMC Networks, you should certainly sign up for AMC+. It gives subscribers a lot of value for their money because it has a sizeable selection of highly praised shows, original series, exclusive content, and special events. 

The service is easy to use and makes watching movies on many devices, such as smart TVs and mobile phones, straightforward. For those who appreciate excellent material in all formats, AMC+ is well worth the price. You Can easily watch any funny shows, studies, or movies.

List of Platforms Where You Can Subscribe to AMC Plus?

The following providers offer subscriptions to AMC Plus. We’ll discuss whether they have a free trial, the networks they operate with, and the devices you can use with their apps. Most AMC Plus users access the service through one of these programs. 

1. Fubo TV

The famous streaming program FuboTV is only available in the United States, Canada, and Spain. The primary focus of the service is live sports, but numerous networks broadcast other types of amusement. FuboTV is the only live TV program dedicated solely to sports viewing. It provides complete access to the most famous programs, movies, news, leagues, and teams for everyone in the family.

The Fubo Family package is as low as $65. This plan lets you view over 122 channels, record three programs simultaneously, and keep 500 hours of content in the cloud. You can also learn about the most recent offers and reductions by visiting a website dedicated solely to FuboTV promo codes. If you want to pay for a full month of service, you can test it for seven days for free. 

The FuboTV Family Plan provides access to over 116 channels. Sports networks predominate, but there are also amusement and news channels. Fubo TV broadcasts the following channels:

  1. ESPN
  2. ESPN2
  3. ESPN3
  4. Fox Soccer Plus
  5. Fox Deportes
  6. Fuse
  7. FYI
  8. Galavision
  9. Hallmark Channel
  10. Hallmark Drama
  11. Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
  12. Lifetime
  13. Lifetime Movies
  14. MSG, MSG+
  15. MSG2, MSG2+

2. DirecTV Stream

DirecTV Stream, AT&T’s new streaming program, has been available for a few recent months. It has consolidated the various local streaming packages previously offered under the DirecTV brand.  DirectTV Stream is compatible with various current devices like other streaming services. It is compatible with well-known programs like Netflix, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime Video. Direct TV customers can use their service on up to twenty devices simultaneously, depending on their chosen package.

A month of Direct TV begins at $74.99. If you join up for the current deal while it is still running, you will receive amazing savings and advantages. The most costly edition of the program is the PREMIER model, which costs $1499.99 a year. (including fees). The ULTIMATE package includes over 250 channels for $99.99 per month plus fees for a minimum of 12 months. All new DirecTV Stream subscribers get five days of free trial to see if it suits them.

There are hundreds of networks to choose from, including the kid-friendly Cartoon Network and the well-known TV networks FX HD and ESPN HD. DirecTV Stream has a comprehensive channel list that displays all available programs. Use this list to determine which networks are included with your subscription and which can be added for a small charge. DIRECTV STREAM can be downloaded from Google sites and Apple, Amazon, Samsung, and Android platforms.

3. Philo

A streaming TV network called Philo was established in San Francisco in 2010. Since the service’s humble origins as a live demonstration in a college dorm room, a lot has changed. Over time, Philo has grown into a fantastic service that offers its customers a wide range of viewing choices and many other fantastic features.

The cost of a Philo subscription is $25 per month. Here are the advantages of more than sixty networks. No other plan choices are available to you when you join up for Philo, and no legal obligations are associated with your signup.

This means you can take a break from using your account and pick it back up whenever you like. In addition, you can test out the service for an entire week without spending anything.

You can try Philo’s live TV service charge free for one week before signing up for a monthly membership.  Subscribers to Philo can access live programming from any more than 60 networks that are part of the service’s basic package whenever they want. Subscribers can watch as many TV programs as they want at any time, thanks to the 60,000 films accessible on demand.

There are many famous TV shows available at Philo’s. Networks such as Comedy Central, A&E, Nicktoons, the History Channel, and Bloomberg TV fall under this broad group.

4. YouTube TV

YouTube TV provides live TV from over 85 broadcast, cable, and regional sports networks. This completes the experience of watching live television.

You can also connect up to six devices to a single account and view videos from any of them. You can use your DVR to capture as much as you want. (including your phone, tablet, computer, or TV). YouTube Originals and popular videos from the site are also accessible to YouTube TV subscribers. As a result, it rivals directly with services such as Sling TV and Hulu Live TV. 

To watch this streaming service, you must first subscribe to YouTube TV. The Basic Plan costs $64.99 per month plus fees. Popular YouTube programs will air alongside shows from major television, cable, and private networks.

Local events can also be seen on the CBS and FOX networks. This means the basic Plan can support up to six user accounts and provides free limitless cloud DVR storage. New subscribers can watch a few free shows before signing up for YouTube TV. You can listen to any of the basic Plan’s more than 85 channels during the free trial. 

5. Amazon Prime

Early access to new novels and movies is one extra of Amazon Prime, which costs money. Several advantages are available to Amazon Prime members, including free movie viewing, expedited delivery, and special deals. 

An annual subscription to Amazon Prime costs $139, or $14.99 monthly. You can access AMC Plus for free if you have a current Amazon Prime subscription, which will cost you $8.99 monthly.

Everyone can sign up for a free trial and have thirty days to cancel anytime. Amazon Prime subscribers can still access extra bonuses like free and fast delivery. 

With an Amazon Prime subscription, you can view premium networks like Paramount+, AMC+, Starz, Showtime, Boomerang, Noggin, and Shudder. The website and the Prime Video apps for Android and iOS are interoperable with Amazon Prime.

Several items, including the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Roku, and Smart TVs from Samsung, Sony, and LG, are compatible with the Amazon Prime Video program. Are you a student? Get Amazon Prime Student Discount today!

FAQs | AMC Plus Free Trial

Does Amazon Prime include AMC Plus for free?

AMC Plus is a live service that can be added to other programs, such as Amazon Prime Video. The program is available as an add-on channel for about $9 per month.

Does Roku offer AMC Plus?

AMC Plus is accessible on Roku, yes. By including AMC+ as a Premium Membership within the Roku channel, you can access it.

Does Hulu offer AMC?

Yes, Hulu offers AMC. AMC+ is available on streaming platforms like Sling TV and Hulu for $7 monthly.


We have provided the best information about AMC Free Trial. AMC Plus is a streaming service that combines a live TV package with various movies and TV programs on demand. It offers a free trial and access to Prime Music, two-day shipping, and other perks. It also offers a selection of original series, including Soulmates, Gangs of London, The Salisbury Poisonings, and critically acclaimed programs like Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and The Walking Dead. 

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