Apple TV VS Hulu | Better Pick In 2023 Is?

Apple TV and Hulu are two of the most popular streaming platforms that offer a diverse range of content for their subscribers. Both platforms provide unique features and benefits that set them apart from one another, making it difficult to decide which one is the best fit for you. Both have several choices when it comes to movies and TV shows, but which one should you pick? In the Apple tv vs Hulu comparison, we will delve into the pricing, content selection, user interface, and streaming quality of both Apple TV and Hulu, to help you make an informed decision.

apple tv vs hulu

Whether you’re a fan of original content, live TV, or movies and TV shows, this comparison will provide valuable insights into the world of streaming entertainment. So relax, get comfortable, and let’s compare Apple TV vs Hulu.

Apple TV VS Hulu: A Detailed Comparision

Apple TV and Hulu are premier streaming choices that will fulfill your streaming demands with ease. While they both are very similar, there are differences between them. In the following sections, we’ll compare Apple TV vs Hulu in detail.

1. Price and Plans

Apple TV has got one plan that will give you access to its content and a lot of TV shows and movies from other places. It costs $6.99 every month, and up to six of your family members can share it through Family Sharing. New users get a 7-day free trial, too. One thing that stands out about Apple TV is it doesn’t show you ads. So, no annoying commercials interrupt your viewing experience.

Hulu has various plans you can pick from based on what you’re looking for and what you can afford. You can start with the basic plan for $6.99 a month and have access to tons of TV shows, movies, and original content. But you’ll have to deal with ads, which can be pretty annoying.

Now, if you’re someone who can’t stand ads interrupting your binging session, Hulu’s got an ad-free plan as well for $12.99 a month. It’s got everything the basic plan has but without any annoying ads. There’s even a Live TV plan for those who want to stream over 65 live channels for just $69.99 a month. Perfect for those who’ve ditched traditional cable and want to keep up with live sports, news, and other shows.

2. Content Library

A significant element that distinguishes streaming services like Apple TV and Hulu from one another is their content libraries. The collection of movies, TV shows, and other media that a streaming service makes available to its consumers for streaming is referred to as a content library. Although Hulu and Apple TV both have huge content libraries, there are several key differences between the two that may influence your choice.

  • The vast majority of the media on Apple TV are Apple TV Originals. However, it also offers several movies for streaming. The content library of Hulu, on the other hand, is significantly more varied and contains both original shows and material from other networks and studios. This implies that you can view films from well-known studios like Disney and Warner Bros. as well as television shows from networks like NBC, ABC, and FX. 
  • To provide users with exclusive entertainment, Apple TV has been making large investments in original shows. A number of its shows have earned positive reviews from critics. Conversely, while Hulu does offer some original shows, its main goal is to provide a wide range of shows from other networks and studios.
  • Whether you choose Apple TV or Hulu comes down to personal bias and preferences. If you use Apple products and are mainly interested in original content, Apple TV might be a better option for you. But if you want access to more content and the option to view shows from different networks, then Hulu might be the best option for you.

3. User Interface

Apple TV’s layout is so smooth and easy to use. You just swipe the Siri remote to switch between different apps and customize your home screen by moving stuff around, hiding apps, or making new folders. Plus, you can search across different apps and services to find whatever you want super quickly.

But Hulu’s UI is kind of a mess – it’s cluttered and not as user-friendly. The home screen’s got all kinds of random stuff like recommended shows and things you recently watched mixed in with other categories. It can help find new stuff, but it’s hard to find something specific. And the navigation menus are straight-up complex, with all these sub-menus and layers that can confuse people.

4. Navigation

When it comes to finding stuff to watch, Apple TV and Hulu got your back with customized suggestions based on what you’ve already binged. But if you want spot-on recommendations, Apple TV’s got the edge thanks to its smart tech that picks up on your viewing habits. As for controlling your viewing experience, both streaming services offer pretty much the same tools. You can hit pause, rewind, fast forward, and jump around to different parts of the show or movie.

But Apple TV gets extra points for its Siri remote, which lets you give voice commands, a super handy feature when you’re trying to find that one specific scene.

5. Device Compatibility

The main difference between Apple TV and Hulu is how they function with different devices.

  • Apple TV is only made for use with Apple products. This simply implies that you can use Apple TV only if you have an Apple gadget. Moreover, you can easily navigate Apple TV and enjoy all its content with no problems.
  • However, Hulu is a multi-device service that can be accessed via various gadgets such as smart TVs, gaming consoles, and streaming sticks. This makes it a more adaptable choice for users who don’t want to watch their fave shows and films only on an Apple device.

6. Accessibility

  • Accessibility is key when you’re deciding whether to pick Apple TV or Hulu. They both have captions and audio descriptions, which are crucial for people who can’t hear or struggle with hearing. But Apple TV takes it up a notch with its VoiceOver technology, which reads the screen out loud for people with visual impairments. 
  • Then there’s Hulu, which has got nothing else for accessibility besides captions and audio descriptions. That’s a big letdown for people who need assistive tech to stream their favorite content.

7. Customer Support

  • When it comes to customer service, both Apple TV and Hulu do a good job. They offer a lot of ways to get help with your streaming needs. Apple TV gives you a full-on website with all kinds of articles and videos to help you set up your device, handle your account, and solve problems. And if you need more, contact their customer support or chat for some solid one-on-one assistance. 
  • Hulu also has a support site that covers important topics like payments, account management, device compatibility, and fixing any issues that may arise. Plus, if you need further help, hit them up on their phone line, chat, or even their email for some extra personalized support.

8. User Reviews

Users’ opinions on streaming services can be really helpful because they test out these services. Users have praised Apple TV, saying it’s simple to use, especially if you already own other Apple devices. Plus, they like how good the shows and movies look and how you can watch content on multiple screens at once. However, some users are frustrated about the limited content and how expensive the subscriptions are.

Hulu has also received positive reviews for its user interface, content library, and affordability. People love being able to watch live TV and all their favorite movies and shows. But, some users have had issues with the technology and had a tough time getting help from customer service.


When it comes to picking between Apple TV VS Hulu, it’s all about which devices work with it, how user-friendly it is, the level of customer assistance, and customer reviews. If you’re an Apple user and want entertainment with a vast selection of options, Apple TV is the way to go. On the other hand, if it’s important to you to have the freedom to watch your preferred series on various tools, Hulu is the cheaper, more adaptable option. However, remember that accessing Hulu isn’t as easy as Apple TV. Reviews from people who use both services look pretty good, but there are pros and cons to each.

Whether you choose Apple TV or Hulu will be determined by your specific requirements and tastes. Consider things like the devices you own, the kinds of content you like to watch, and the accessibility you demand. Whatever streaming service you decide to choose, Apple TV and Hulu both provide high-quality options that will more than likely meet your entertainment needs.

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