DirecTV Free Trial | How to Get In 2023?

Are you looking for a way to stream your favorite TV shows and movies without committing to a long-term subscription? If so, you might be interested in DirecTV free trial. DirecTV Stream provides users access to live TV stations, on-demand movies and TV programs, and a Cloud DVR service in one convenient package.

DirecTV Free Trial

Discover all the features and see if this streaming service is good for you with the help of the free sample. Sign up for DirecTV’s free tryout by providing your credit card information on the DirecTV Stream page. This post will walk you through the steps to get the DirecTV free trial.

DirecTV Free Trial | What is it?

The DirecTV free trial is a 7-day period when users can try out the DirecTV Stream streaming service for free. It allows free access to all of the platform’s functions for customers. During the trial, consumers can use live TV channels, on-demand videos and TV programs, and cloud DVR storage. Users must sign up for an account and supply a legitimate payment card to join up for the free trial.

The credit card will be charged once the sample time is over. Depending on their tastes and financial situation, users can decide whether to subscribe to one of DirecTV Stream’s options after the free trial. 

Does DirecTV Stream Offer a Free Trial?

Yes, Like many other streaming services, DirecTV Stream offers a free trial. Sign up for DirecTV Stream and get a free seven-day trial to see if it’s worth it. After a seven-day free trial, DirecTV will begin billing you for access.

How to Get a DirecTV Free Trial in 2023?

Like many other major streaming services, DirecTV offers new customers a free trial period. You can try this streaming program cost-free because it has a 7-day free trial.

DirecTV Free Trial

DirecTV Now also offers a free trial for the first week. With this free trial, you can watch your favorite networks on the set of your choice for a whole week without paying anything. Follow these steps to get DirecTV Free Trial:

  • First, you need to Visit DirecTV’s official page.

DirecTV Free Trial

  • Select a DirectTV Streaming Package that best suits your needs.
  • After selecting a plan, a new screen will load where you can initiate your free trial by clicking “START FREE TRIAL.”
  • Provide your information to sign up for a new account.

DirecTV Free Trial

  • Provide your billing information.
  • Finish the setup and activate your free trial of DirectTV for 7 days.

How much does a DirecTV subscription cost?

There are lots of DirecTV Streaming choices available. Consumers can select from several packages to discover the best suits their needs. In addition, the streaming programs offered by DirecTV Stream are suitable for a wide range of devices and operating systems.

  • Entertainment Package- The starting monthly fee for entertainment is $69. You can choose from more than 75 channels and watch everything from kids’ programs to Live TV programs. In addition, a free trial is available for this package.
  • Choice Package – This Package costs approximately $89 per month. Among its roughly 105 channels is the comedic program. You can join several sports channels, including NBA TV, MLB Network, and dozens more. Limited trial time is also available if you decide to purchase the offer.

DirecTV free Trial

  • Ultimate Plan – It’s only $104.99 a month! Oxygen, Starz Encore, NHL Network, and Universal Kids are just a few of the nearly 140 channels available. There is a free trial period built into this offer as well.
  • Premiere Package – Premiere Package costs only $149.99 annually. The premium program provides access to over 150 channels, including several premium channels. Some examples of such channels include CINEMAX, STARZ, HBO Max, and SHOWTIME. You can also get a free trial of the program.

DirecTV Stream customers can add special channels to their plans for a small monthly charge. You can also try any of the add-ons for a week for free.

  • You’ll pay $6 per month for Epix.
  • You’ll pay $11 per month for Cinemax.
  • You’ll pay $11 per month for Starz.
  • You’ll Pay $11 per month for Showtime.
  • You’ll pay $5 per month for Movies Extra.

How To Cancel DirecTV Free Trial?

If you’re unsatisfied with DirecTV after the free trial, you can cancel at any moment and won’t be charged for the rest of your subscription.

  • Visit DirecTV’s webpage and sign in to your account.
  • Click the Settings button in the menu’s top right area.
  • Then select Manage my subscription, which will launch a new tab.
  • A “Cancel my subscription” option is at the page’s footer, where the subscription can be canceled.
  • When you cancel a subscription, they will ask What is the reason for your cancellation? 
  • The DirecTV Stream will end your subscription when your free trial is ended.

Is DirecTV Free Trial worth it?

Yes, DirecTV Stream is worth it for everyone. Through the streaming program, subscribers can watch live TV, DVR programs, and on-demand video. Additionally, numerous devices can watch DirecTV programming with a single subscription. In addition to offering material in HD quality, the streaming service also has a user-friendly interface.

Does the DirecTV free Trial Allow for Multi-TV Streaming?

You can watch the same DirecTV streaming on a maximum of three devices simultaneously. With one DirecTV subscription, you can watch on multiple TVs. During the trial period, you can watch all DirectTV programs, no matter which package you choose. You can watch your preferred CNBC programs for free if you join up for a free DirecTV trial. Also included are 500 hours of cloud storage and Spanish-language TV channels like Univision, Discover Espanol, and Estrella TV.

FAQs | DirecTv Free Trial

Can I provide my credit card details to sign up for the free trial?

You must provide a valid credit card to sign up, but you will not be charged until after the trial period ends.

Can I access all the features of DirecTV Stream during the free trial?

You can access all the features, including live TV channels, on-demand movies and TV shows, and Cloud DVR storage.

How many devices can I stream during the free trial?

During the free trial, you can stream DirecTV Stream on up to 20 devices simultaneously. 


The DirecTV free trial is a great opportunity for potential subscribers to test out the service and see if it meets their needs. With a range of packages and features available, including live TV and on-demand content, DirecTV offers a comprehensive viewing experience. It’s important to note that the free trial is only available for a limited time, so users should make the most of it to decide if DirecTV is the right choice for them. Overall, the DirecTV free trial is a valuable tool for anyone looking to explore the world of satellite TV.

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