Directv Stream VS Youtube TV: Better Streaming Service Is?

We’re here with a helpful and informative article about DirecTV Stream vs YouTube TV. While there are many streaming services accessible that you can use to stream your favorite shows, DirecTV stream, and Youtube TV are by far the most prominent and popular.

In this article, we thoroughly review and compare the two streaming giants. We’ll talk about various parameters. For example, pricing, content, channels, compatibility, etc. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

Directv Stream vs Youtube TV

DirecTV Stream Vs YouTube TV: What’s The Best Choice?

DirecTV Stream and Youtube TV are very old and strong rivals of each other. They both give each other very strong competition. However, some differences between them could influence your buying decision. In the following sections, we’ll talk about those in detail:

1. Pricing and Availability

Here’s a pricing comparison between DirecTV Stream and Youtube TV:

1. YouTube TV

When choosing a video streaming service, cost and content are important considerations. For a base price of $72.99 per month, YouTube TV offers a base plan that includes unlimited cloud DVR, over 100 channels, unlimited DVR space, three screens for viewing, and six accounts that may be shared throughout the household. For an extra $28 per month, you can choose add-ons to get Spanish channels.

Regarding discounts, YouTube TV is offering $30 off for the first three months, making their Basic plan $54.99 per month and the Spanish-only plan $24.99 per month.

2. DirecTV Stream

There are four different DirecTV Stream pricing tiers, including Genie HD DVR, with the Entertainment tier being the least expensive at $69.99 per month for 65+ channels. The NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX season is featured in their Choice plan’s 90+ channel count, and Regional Sports Networks are available for $79.99 per month.

Their Ultimate plan is somewhat comparable to their Choice plan, however, it costs $94.99 a month and offers 270+ additional channels. In addition to having the same features as Choice and Ultimate, the Premier package additionally includes 340+ channels and exclusive access to HBO Max, SHOWTIME, Cinemax, and STARZ.

2. Channel Selection

  • In comparison to other streaming services, DirecTV Stream offers more RSNs and significantly more segments or channels than YouTube TV. But, it is more expensive. Until you switch to the Choice plan, which costs $25/month, significantly more than YouTube TV, more channels aren’t available. The top tier of the DirecTV Stream Premium subscription or package includes 140+ base channels, but many markets receive far more. Additionally, it has cable networks and channels like A&E, History Channel, and Tennis Channel that YouTube TV does not have access to. The same broadcast networks, including PBS, are accessible on YouTube TV as they are on DirecTV Stream.
  • YouTube TV, on the other hand, has a lot to say as well. When comparing the number of live TV channels offered in the reference bundles from DirecTV Stream and YouTube TV, the former offers more. Channels with a sister network are represented on the YouTube TV list, including Nickelodeon, BBC and BBC World News, Hallmark Drama, and Hallmark Channel. In comparison, the standard package of DirecTV Stream channels often just includes the big networks.

Both providers offer premium channels, including EPIX and HBO Max. In contrast, YouTube TV’s standard plan includes sports networks like MLB Network and NFL Network. However, DirecTV Stream only allows access to regional sports networks with the CHOICETM plan or higher (RSN).

3. Compatibility

  • Many different mobile and home devices support DirecTV Stream and YouTube TV. However, since it only works with one brand of smart TV (Samsung) and no gaming devices, DirecTV Stream has a more limited range of compatible devices. On the other hand, YouTube TV can be viewed on a variety of smart TV brands, including Samsung, Hisense, Vizio, and more, as well as on Xbox and PlayStation gaming systems.
  • Both services are accessible through popular online browsers and work with devices like Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire TV. Also, both services are accessible on mobile for iOS and Android gadgets. Although not necessary, DirecTV Stream’s dedicated gadget is recommended for streaming the service’s content. It functions similarly to streaming players like Roku or Apple TV and is compatible with a variety of streaming services like Netflix, DirecTV Stream, and Pandora.

4. Sports

In its most basic package, DirecTV Stream does not offer any broadcasting channels; however, sports enthusiasts can rely on the CHOICETM package and above to access RSNs that are not available on YouTube TV.

What’s more, fans can effortlessly stream games taking place in their hometown and root for their beloved teams without the need to venture out and deal with the hassles of attending a live event. That’s because RSNs are commonly the deciding factor for such fans. All of these factors collectively make DirecTV Stream the superior choice for sports viewers.

5. DVR and On-Demand

Many people become trapped in cable contracts via DVRs. Fortunately, both live TV streaming services offer limitless cloud DVR, and both DVRs allow users to bypass advertising when recording.

  • The nine-month DVR on YouTube TV is superior to the 90-day recording expiration on DirecTV Stream. Only new customers receive unlimited DVR. Nevertheless, transfers made via DirecTV are not eligible, which may be unfair to individuals who also desire more extensive recording storage. Both services provide thousands of on-demand TV shows and movies, but DirecTV Stream has a wider variety. The Entertainment package includes on-demand access to more than 40,000 titles. With Premier, Ultimate, and Choice, there are around 60,000 movies and TV series available on demand.
  • Compare that to YouTube TV, which offers a lot less functionality. The fact that many video-on-demand programs are offered through networks may be a factor in this. Most of the time, streaming services are limited to the movies and television series that the networks make available. The reason YouTube TV offers fewer movies and TV shows to watch on-demand than DirecTV Stream’s more expensive bundles may be due to its lower channel count.

6. 4K & Streaming Quality

When trying to stream high-quality videos on DirecTV, you may encounter difficulties with the platform not opening up properly. Additionally, the streaming quality on DirecTV often falls below HD, and the platform fails to clarify what is meant by “poor,” “mid,” or “high” quality streams.

While some may assume that poor streaming quality is a widespread issue with DirecTV, it is a consistent problem when using slower networks. Although the streaming quality on DirecTV is satisfactory, it does not match the consistency and high quality of services like YouTube TV when it comes to providing HD content.

The Verdict: DirecTV Stream vs YouTube TV 

  • Although DirecTV Stream and YouTube TV are both excellent choices, DirecTV Stream ultimately wins because of its stronger channel offering of 220+ channels. While it is more expensive, DirecTV Stream is a great choice for people who spend their evenings hooked to their couches or recliners.
  • Yet, YouTube TV is an excellent service that offers all the necessities of traditional TV viewing and more for a reasonable monthly charge. The ideal option for your family will depend on whether you value having a large selection of content selections more than you value having a low monthly TV fee.


When comparing DirecTV Stream vs YouTube TV, there are pros and cons to each platform when it comes to streaming television services. While DirecTV Stream may offer a wider range of channels and package options, its streaming quality can be inconsistent and fall below HD. On the other hand, YouTube TV provides a consistently high-quality streaming experience and allows for unlimited cloud DVR storage, but may have a more limited channel lineup.

YouTube TV and DirecTV Stream are the most well-known apps with excellent capabilities and a wealth of features. With these apps, you can stream a wide variety of channels. These apps also provide access to channels in a variety of categories, including sports, entertainment, lifestyle, kids’ cartoon, news, regional sports networks, and several local channels.

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