Epix Free Trial | How to Activate it in 2023?

EPIX is a premium streaming service powered by MGM. You can watch unique shows on it whenever you want, including Slow Burn, Get Shorty, Godfather of Harlem, War of the Worlds, and Pennyworth. You can access the world’s programs anytime on your digital on-demand network using Epix free TrialThere are a ton of movies and other files available for on-demand viewing.

EPX Free Trial

However, entry to Epix’s premium material requires paying a subscription charge. Since you will pay for the service, ensuring it lives up to its billing is in your best interest. This service provides an Epix free trial time for customers to try before asking them to pay for subscriptions. So are you looking to enjoy a free Trial? If that’s the case, you should read this article, and we will guide you on how to get Epix free Trial.

Epix Free Trial | What is it?

The Epix Free Trial is a temporary membership deal that enables new subscribers to experience the Epix streaming service for free. This deal lets users access movies, TV programs, and exclusive original content on Epix. Depending on the deal, users can sign up for the free trial and use the content for a limited time—typically 7 days or more.

Users can pay a monthly charge to continue watching their favorite shows after the free trial has ended. The free trial is an awesome way to try out the service to decide whether it’s worthwhile to subscribe.

Does Epix offer any Free trial?

Yes, you can use Epix Free Trial for seven days. However, those currently utilizing the service are not eligible for this deal. New users are granted free access to the website and its tools during their first week as participants. After the trial time, you can still send it, but there will be a charge. You can cancel your free trial anytime to prevent extra costs.

How to sign up to Get Epix free Trial?

It’s quite simple and straightforward to obtain an Epix free trial for yourself. By following the steps outlined below, you can secure a 7-day free trial!

  1. In the first step, visit the official website for Epix.

Epix Free Trial

2. Click the See Available Offers icon on the website’s homepage.

Epix Free Trial

3. Enter your email address and password to start your Epix account.

4. Now select the plan and hit the Continue option.

Epix Free Trial

5. Complete the code verification procedure and enter the information for your payment card. Tap the Subscribe Now option to finish.

Epix Free Trial

6. The Epix membership is free for the first seven days following registration.

How much will Epix cost after the free trial has expired?

Depending on your chosen program, using the Epix free trial will cost you a different amount. Many other service companies also provide a free trial of Epix. Your subscription to Epix on its app will cost $5.99 per month once your free trial has ended. It is among Epix’s more reasonably priced options.

Epix Free Trial

You can watch Epix on many other platforms. The Epix television bundle for Sling TV costs $24 per month. You can join other TV networks without paying extra if you have an Amazon Prime account.

An EPIX membership costs $5.99 per month after a one-week trial period. The EPIX deal is a $5.99 monthly add-on on YouTube, Philo, and Fubo TV.

Prices, Plans, and Discounts for Epix

  • EPIX is a video service that can be used independently or through certain cable and satellite providers.
  • EPIX costs $5.99 per month as a stand-alone service. This gives you access to EPIX’s shows, which you can watch on demand and those broadcast life.
  • Some cable and satellite providers include EPIX as part of their TV deals, so you may already have access to EPIX without paying extra.
  • EPIX is also available as an add-on station on streaming services like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Apple TV+. Depending on the service, this add-on can cost anywhere from $0.99 to $5.99 monthly on top of the base contract price.
  • Sometimes, EPIX gives new users free trials that can last anywhere from one week to one month, based on the deal.

Does Epix charge you directly after the free trial?

Due to Epix free trial’s auto-renewal function, users must pay for the service after the trial period. The customer’s subscription will therefore be extended following the free trial period at the then-current monthly rate.

After your Epix Free trial has ended, you can decide at any time whether or not to keep using Epix. Ensure you terminate your Epix subscription before the trial period ends to prevent being charged the full price.

Is the Epix free trial worth it?

We agree that Epix is worth the money. This streaming service has a huge selection of movies, TV programs, and unique content, so there is something for everyone. A must-have for entertainment fans is Epix, which offers a premium viewing experience with 4K Ultra HD and Dolby Digital sound and exclusive access to popular programs.

The free trial time makes it simple to try out the service and determine whether it’s ideal. Don’t miss out on the premium content offered by Epix. It’s a great purchase for any TV and movie enthusiast.

How do I cancel my Epix subscription?

If you ever want to cancel your Epix free trial subscription, you can easily cancel it. Following these easy steps, you can cancel through desktop and android.

1. On Your Desktop

  1. First visit to the EPIX official page.
  2. Once you’ve logged in, go to Contact Us from the homepage of your account.
  3. Click the Profile symbol and select My Accounts after logging in.
  4. Select the Manage Subscriptions choice under the Subscription area.
  5. Click the Cancel membership option after selecting the desired membership plan.

2. On your Android device

  1. First, open your Android, then go to the play store.

Epix Free Trial

2. Click the icon profile icon at the top right of the homepage.

Epix Free Trial

3. Select Payments and subscriptions by clicking it.

Epix Free Trial

4. Select Subscriptions by clicking it.

Epix Free Trial

5. Select the Cancel membership choice under the EPIX payment page.

6. To cancel your subscription to the program, follow the on-screen directions.

Epix 7-Day Free Trial with Philo

Philo offers subscribers access to all channels, including the primary EPIX networks and its huge video collection, for just $6 per month. Philo’s special deal includes the first three months of an Epix subscription for $3 monthly.

Epix is available to Philo subscribers for a free seven-day trial. Here are the steps: 

  • Visit the Philo official page and enter your login information. 
  • If you want to update the EPIX channel package, pick the Subscribe option.

You can start watching Epix for free seven days after sending payment details. You can cancel the service at any time during the trial time. When your EPIX trial ends, you’ll be upgraded to the complete version of the program you purchased.


Is Epix available for free on Hulu?

No, Hulu did not offer Epix as free; instead, it only provided Epix original programs and movies through its video-on-demand library.

Can I cancel Epix after the Free Trial End?

After the trial period ends, you can cancel your EPIX membership and avoid being charged the $5.99 monthly fee. Cancel your membership at least 24 hours before the end of your trial to prevent being charged.

Is there a 30-day free trial for Epix?

There isn’t any free trial for 30 days on EPIX. But Epix Can offer you a free trial for seven days.


We have provided the best information about Epix Free Trial. We hope this helps you a lot. Epix is a popular US streaming service that offers users access to thousands of TV shows, videos, and some shows made specifically for the service. New users are granted free access to the website and its tools during their first week as participants.

Customers can also cancel their free trial anytime to prevent extra costs. Subscribing to Epix on its app will cost $5.99 per month, and the Epix television bundle for Sling TV costs $24 per month.

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