Hulu Student Discount | Here’s How to Avail It in 2023

Hulu is a platform that streams videos on demand and has been around for more than a decade. It’s a truly outstanding and biggest streaming stage in the US, with more than 40 million supporters. Streaming all of Hulu’s content is legal and free. Hulu can publish content from other networks because it has genuine agreements with content providers.

From Disney, Fox, BBC America, Showtime, TLC, CBS, ABC News, Animal Planet, Complex, Freeform, and FX, among others, Hulu offers original programming and content. In the US, students can get a Hulu Student Discount with the Hulu Subscription at $1.99 per month. The Hulu Student Discount is accessible to students as long as they are enrolled in their colleges.

Hulu Student Discount |  Subscription Benefits

The following are a few of the main benefits of having a Hulu subscription:

1. There is an extensive library on Hulu.
2. Hulu Originals
3. With Hulu, you can watch new episodes of popular television shows immediately after they air. Sometimes, you only have to wait a day or two.
4. Also, in contrast to cable, a Hulu subscription does not come with any hidden costs, rentals of equipment, or appointments for installation.
5. In contrast to conventional television, Hulu does not necessitate long-term commitments or contracts. 6. Additionally, with Hulu, you can stream videos at home or on the go.
7. Additionally, users of Hulu can view content offline. This feature is missing from many other streaming services.
8. Users of Hulu are permitted to download up to 25 tracks to five distinct devices. They can also look at the content for up to 30 days.

Is there a Hulu Student Discount available in 2023?

Yes, Hulu does offer a Hulu Student Discount for students enrolled in colleges in the US. Students can save up to 70% on Hulu subscriptions using Hulu Student Discount option.

You will first need to use SheerID to check your student status on to claim this offer. Simply create an account using your official university email to accomplish this. You will have access to a special Hulu Student Discount rate for Hulu’s ad-supported plan, which costs just $1.99 per month, once you have been verified. This offer is available to all Hulu-billed subscribers who are enrolled in a Title IV-accredited American college or university.

Who is eligible for Hulu Student Discount?

You will be eligible for the Hulu Student Discount if you meet the general college enrollment eligibility and also if you qualify for the Spotify Student Discount.

Here’s how to get the Spotify -Hulu student subscription discount:

1. Complete the requirements for the Spotify student discount.
2. You must be enrolled in a Title IV-accredited university in the United States.
3. Spotify’s discounted services are only available to students who are at least 18 years old.
4. Next, change your Hulu billing to rely on your Spotify subscription and sign up for the Spotify student discount.

Plans offered by Hulu

There are two types of plans that Hulu offers its users to choose from.


  1. Hulu: You can access Hulu’s ad-supported streaming library for just $7.99 per month (or $79.99 per year) with Hulu ad-supported plan.
  2. Hulu (No ads): You can watch most of those same shows and movies without the ad breaks for $14.99 per month. A few shows on Hulu (No Ads) are excluded because they play ads before and after the video.


  1. Disney+ (with ads), ESPN+ (with ads), and Hulu (with ads) + Live TV:  Costs just $69.99 per month. In addition to all of the additional content that is available on Disney+ and ESPN+, you will have access to live streams and on-demand ad-supported content from your preferred sports, entertainment, and news channels.
  2. Hulu(No Ads)+ Live TV, Disney+ without ads, and ESPN+ with ads(only for existing subscribers using this plan):  You can stream almost all of our streaming videos without ads for $82.99 per month. Exploit all that our Live television plan brings to the table — in addition to extra satisfaction from Disney+ (No Promotions) and ESPN+ (With Advertisements). This plan is not available for new users, but existing subscribers can still get access to this bundle.

What is the Enrollment process on Hulu for students?

Spotify and Hulu use a service that verifies your identity called SheerID to make sure you are registered where you say you are. The same verification service is utilized by numerous other significant businesses with which you may conduct business, including Nike, the New York Times, Amazon, and others. If you have previously used a student discount, you can take advantage of the Spotify + Hulu discount.

Despite being automated, there are times when the verification process fails. In this instance, you can manually check this by uploading the supporting documentation. Read on to know what to do if your automatic verification fails.

How to Sign up on Hulu to Avail Student Discount?

For users who do not have an account on Hulu and wish to avail of the Hulu Student Discount, follow the steps below to sign up with Hulu.

STEP 1-  Go to Click on the Signup option on their main page.

STEP 2- You will be taken to the ‘Choose Your Plans’ page. Scroll down to go to the Student Discount option and click on it.

STEP 3- Click on the Sign up Now option on the Hulu Student Discount Page.

STEP 4- Enter your e-mail, Password, Name, and other details in the Create Your Account page and click on Continue.

STEP 5- You will be redirected to the SheerID page to enter further information for verifying your Student ID. Enter the necessary documents that show your enrollment in a US Title IV accredited college and Click on Submit to proceed with the verification.

STEP 6- Once your Student Verification is successful, you will be directed to another page where you can enter your Billing Information. Enter your Payment Details and Submit to start with the Hulu Student Discount subscription.

STEP 7- You can start enjoying the content on Hulu after your Payment is successful.

Your Hulu Student Discount plan will be active and you will be charged $1.99 every month until you complete your course in the college you are enrolled in.

What to do if Auto Verification fails?

You will need to manually upload the required documentation if you receive a message stating that Hulu and SheerID were unable to verify your registration. Follow the standard registration procedure and select the manual verification option to accomplish this.

You can use Spotify to re-verify your student details because Spotify and Hulu use the SheerID.

1. From the drop-down menu at, select GETTING STARTED.
2. Go to your Spotify record and sign in.
3. Choose by hand and check.
4. After entering your information, click Next.
5. Click on a file to select it.
6. Select your confirmation of registration and click Open.
7. To continue, provide additional evidence by clicking Upload Document or Choose File.

If your documents have been verified successfully, you can use the Spotify student discount to finish the registration process. You can contact Spotify customer service for assistance validating your account if it still does not work.

Payment Methods Accepted by Hulu

You can choose from the different payment options available, for the Payment of your Subscription. Hulu will deduct the subscription amount through the same source, every month.

  1. Credit and Debit Cards- Hulu accepts U.S-based Credit and Debit cards like American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. If you are using cards for Payment, you must ensure that you have a minimum balance of $1 on the card, as Hulu might process a temporary Authorization Hold for payment confirmation.
  2. PayPal- Hulu accepts digital Payments through PayPal.
  3. Gift cards and coupons- You can also use any valid Hulu gift cards or coupons that you have redeemed from other online websites for the payments.

What is Hulu+ Spotify Discount?

A premium Spotify account, full access to Hulu’s extensive streaming library, exclusive shows like Handmaid’s Tale and Future Man, and access to Showtime’s streaming library are all included in the Spotify + Hulu student discount. The cost will be slightly lower than that of a typical Hulu subscription. As a result, you get a lot of extras and save a little money.

How to use Spotify Student Discount on Hulu?

After you have successfully signed up, you will be able to access Hulu using your Spotify student plan. You will need to create a Hulu account and select Spotify as your billing method if you do not already have one.

A message with thorough instructions from Spotify should be in your inbox. If you already have a Hulu account, Spotify can work as your billing method. You won’t pay anything the next time you renew your subscription. You can get free access to Hulu with the Spotify student discount:

1. Visit the Account Services page to sign in to your Spotify account.
2. Hulu Subscription will become active when you click the Activate Hulu button, even if the automatic verification does not work for you.
3. Grant Hulu access to your Spotify account when prompted to do so.
4. To get in touch with Spotify’s customer service, visit your Hulu account page.

What to do after Hulu Student Discount subscription ends?

If your college enrollment ends, you can either continue enjoying the content on Hulu by choosing a plan from the choices available or, to you or can choose to cancel the existing subscription to cancel your Hulu Account. You can even choose to pause your subscription for 12 weeks and come back later to renew the same plan again.

To cancel your account, follow these steps:

STEP 1– Login to your account on the Hulu website. Go to your profile. Click on the Account option.

STEP 2– Click on Manage Your Account. Further, click on the Cancel Subscription option below on the page.

STEP 3- Hulu will present you with the Pause and Cancel Subscription options. If you wish to hold your subscription to come back and renew it later, you can choose to pause your subscription. Else you can click on the Cancel option.

STEP 4– If you are proceeding with cancelation, select a reason for the same from the list of reasons given to you by Hulu, and click on Continue to Cancel.

This way you can either put your Hulu Account and Subscription on Hold or you can choose to cancel your subscription.


Hulu is the leading and most exhaustive across-the-board premium web-based feature that offers an extensive record of live and on-request diversion, both in and outside the home, through a wide exhibit of membership choices that give buyers extreme command over their survey insight.

If you are at least 18 years old, enrolled in a Title IV-accredited US college or university, and if your enrollment has been verified by SheerID, you are eligible for the Hulu student discount. You will be using SheerID during signup to enter your information and check your student status. As long as you can demonstrate your eligibility on an annual basis, the Hulu Student Discount is valid for a maximum of four years from the date of application.

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