Showtime Free Trial | Here’s How to Get It In 2023

Do you want to try out the Showtime free trial? Are you unable to activate the free trial? Don’t worry; we will help you with all your queries on a free trial by Showtime.

The premium cable network Showtime is home to several successful shows, including “Dexter,” “Shameless,” and others. It’s one of several channel subscriptions that provide access to all the material that would typically be on a cable channel. Also, you can view other programs, films, and other media whenever and whenever you like.

Showtime Free trial: What is it?

One of the best free trials available on streaming providers is the Showtime free trial. You may acquire a free 30-day trial of Showtime by providing a credit card, and during that time, you’ll have full access to the streaming service.

Showtime Free trial

Every season of every network series is available during the free trial, along with movies, documentaries, sports, and more. The Showtime free trial’s lack of ads makes it possible to enjoy uninterrupted binge-watching sessions and other ways to make the most of your 30 days of free access.

How To Get Showtime Free Trial?

Currently, there are many streaming services available, making it difficult to decide which provides the content that most appeal to you. A free trial of Showtime is a good way to see if it’s right for you.

Also with 30 days of free access included, you’ll have plenty of time to choose between Showtime and any other streaming services you might be interested in. As the Showtime free trial is available on mobile devices and tablets, you may do this from anywhere.

Please follow the steps below to sign up for SHOWTIME’s streaming service straight through our website:

1. Go to Showtime’s official website.

Showtime Free trial

2. Sign up for a free trial by clicking “Start Your Free Trial.”

3. Enter your details and the payment method.

showtime free trial

4. Start watching with the holiday offer from Showtime.


You can sign in and view on or through the SHOWTIME app on any supported device after creating your SHOWTIME account.

Plans offered on Showtime

You can purchase a monthly or yearly subscription to the SHOWTIME streaming service. When your free trial time is over, you will be charged $10.99/month* if you decide to subscribe on a month-to-month basis. When your free trial time is over, you will be charged $99/year* if you decide to join on an annual basis.

The only way to purchase an annual subscription is directly through Depending on where you started your subscription, the fee for the subscription will be applied to the payment method connected to your Showtime, Amazon, Android, Apple, or Roku account.

Different Methods to Get a Showtime Free Trial

There are many other ways to get a Showtime Free Trial. You can get a Showtime Free Trial by getting the following streaming services:

1. Free Trial with Hulu

In addition to its 30-day free trial, Hulu also provides a seven-day sample of Showtime’s streaming service. The service’s basic subscription with advertisements costs $6.99 per month and includes more than 2,500 movies and 1650 TV programs. Its ad-free subscription, meanwhile, costs $11.99 per month. These packages include a seven-day Showtime free trial in addition to a 30-day Hulu free trial.

Additionally, Hulu offers a live TV package called Hulu+ With Live TV, which includes 50 hours of DVR storage and access to more than 75 live channels in addition to Hulu’s library of movies and TV series.

2. Free Trial with Amazon

As a gateway to its streaming service, Amazon Prime Video provides a seven-day free trial of Showtime’s streaming service. Users must be Amazon Prime subscribers to join up for the Showtime free trial on Amazon Prime Video. The 30-day free trial for Amazon Prime Video includes all of the same perks of Amazon Prime, including free two-day shipping, Prime Music, and more.

The free trial is considerably more extensive if you are a student. Student Prime’s free trial is six months long, which is five months longer than the standard 30-day Prime free trial. Yet, the fact that users can sign up more than once for the free trial of Amazon Prime Video may be its best feature.

On which devices can I watch SHOWTIME?

For the majority of its history, SHOWTIME was only accessible on your TV through your cable or satellite provider. Thank goodness, modern times are considerably more polite. You may now sign up for SHOWTIME’s standalone streaming service directly from the company’s website. Additionally, there are additional streaming providers that offer SHOWTIME.
You can purchase it through Sling TV and other skinny bundle offerings, as well as Amazon Channels, Amazon’s streaming subscription service. All the ways to access SHOWTIME without cable have already been discussed.

No matter how you choose to subscribe to SHOWTIME, the price will essentially remain the same.

What type of subscription is most affordable after my Trial period ends?

Subscribers to SHOWTIME have two payment options: a monthly membership or an annual subscription. After the free tryout, a monthly subscription will cost you $10.99 per month. When you sign up straight through, annual subscriptions are also available for $99 per year. That represents a 25% reduction in the monthly charge.

The subscription package for SHOWTIME does not include add-ons, but there is the opportunity to bundle with a few Paramount Plus plans. Sports fans can still watch NFL on CBS and the UEFA Champions League even though your local live CBS channel isn’t included in the SHOWTIME plus Paramount Plus’ Essential plan.

Aside from giving you access to your local CBS station and more sports programming, the upgraded Premium plan is ad-free. You can choose to purchase the ad-free Premium subscription for the same price as the Essential plan in the Paramount Plus package, which costs $11.99 right now. Both plans are $119.99 per year when billed.

What Showtime deals are there?

After your 30-day free trial is over, the streaming program from Showtime costs just $11 per month. The Paramount+ and Showtime package is now available, but this price is rarely reduced. This combines Paramount+, one of the more well-known streaming platforms, with Showtime.

If you don’t mind ads appearing while you watch, packages for this pairing start at just $8 per month after a free trial. Showtime is frequently offered as an add-on to other services. For example, Hulu currently offers Showtime as an add-on for just $1 per month for two months.

Payment Method

The following payment options are available:

Venmo, PayPal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

You can also get upto 10% disc out if you pay using your credit or debit card

How to Cancel Subscription after Showtime Free Trial ends?

You may cancel a membership established directly through at any time. After the conclusion of your subscription period, your cancellation will take effect.

To terminate your subscription:

1. Sign in at the SHOWTIME website using a computer or a mobile web browser.

Showtime Free Trial

2. The profile icon in the top right corner can be used to access Account Settings > Your Account.

Showtime Free Trial

3. Choose “Cancel Your Subscription” and adhere to the prompts.

Showtime Free Trial

FAQs | Showtime Free Trial

Is there a free trial for SHOWTIME?

One of the finest trials among streaming services is the 30-day one offered by SHOWTIME.

Is there a promotion going on at SHOWTIME?

Along with a 30-day trial, SHOWTIME and Amazon have partnered to provide Prime Student members with a special 12-month cost of $0.99 per month. After the promotional time expires, the subscription’s monthly price returns to its original $10.99.


Now that you know how you should have no trouble doing so because this guide outlines all the necessary steps. If you have an Amazon Prime or Hulu subscription, you can add SHOWTIME as a premium channel add-on and get a free week of service.

You can use the Showtime free trial to know more about Showtime before buying its premium. To access SHOWTIME’s premium content and to order live sporting events for one month, sign up using the website, Android app, or iOS app.

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