YouTube TV Free Trial | Here’s How to Get It (all users)

YouTube TV has become the second most popular live TV service worldwide, Overtaking cable services. Are you interested in watching YouTube TV, and Is a free YouTube TV trial something you’re considering trying out? Not to worry, because getting YouTube TV Free trial is very easy. From this, you can understand whether Youtube TV is worth using.YouTube TV offers other Ad-free streaming services. We will guide you on how to get a free YouTube TV trial.

Youtube TV Free Trial

YouTube TV Free Trial | What Is It?

The YouTube TV service allows subscribers to view regional and national programming from anywhere in the world. The premium movie and television network Showtime can be viewed for an additional charge. It offers more than a hundred networks. Several of them include ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC.

Like a subscription to Netflix or Hulu, you can use the service anytime, incurring any charges or making long-term commitments. You can access six profiles, and having six separate profiles means you can keep as many movies as you like and view three feeds simultaneously. It’s compatible with mobile phones, streaming sticks, and home theatre systems.

Does YouTube TV Have A Free Trial?

Yes, Youtube TV offers a free trial. Certainly, a new user can benefit from YouTube TV’s free trial for a basic subscription for the first two weeks after signing up. Use this free trial to your advantage to access over 85 channels and dozens of networks, including HBO Max, Espaol Plus, and many others.

How to Sign Up for a Free YouTube TV Trial?

You can sign up for YouTube TV’s trial in just a few minutes. You can easily sign up through your computer or mobile phone. Follow these steps to sign up:

  1. To sign up, you must visit the YouTube TV page.

youtube tv

2. Choose the Trial It Free option.

youtube tv free trial

3. You can use your current Google Account to sign up.

youtube tv

4. Check your home’s address.

youtube tv free trial

5. Check every network that is a part of your subscription plan.

6. Once you have agreed to the terms and conditions, select next.

YouTube TV Free Trial

7. If you want to use any paid subscriptions or extra add-ons with your account, check the option next to them.

8. Include your correct and valid payment card information.

YouTube TV Free Trial

9. Clicking “purchase” will complete your subscription. You’ve now successfully registered for your free trial.

What kinds of free trials does YouTube TV usually provide?

Like Philo and Hulu Plus Live TV, YouTube TV offers a free trial period of one week to new subscribers. If this isn’t enough time to understand the channel choices, you can often find limited-time offers for an extended free trial of the services. You can sign up for two weeks and watch youtube TV free trial for free. The good news is that you still have a chance even though the offer has ended; the company typically runs offers like this every few months.

You can watch out for a limited-time deal from YouTube TV. A partnership between YouTube TV and Mobile means a better bargain for everyone. Customers with a plan or a family Internet package are eligible for a complimentary month of YouTube TV.

What Channels Are Included in the Youtube TV Free trial?

YouTube TV Free Trial is equivalent to the Youtube TV premium service. About 100 TV channels are currently fully accessible on Youtube TV. There are usually local broadcast channels you can access. Here we want to suggest some best YouTube TV Channels.

YouTube TV Free Trial

  • FOX
  • NBC
  • ACCN
  • AMC
  • ABC
  • CBS
  • Adult Swim
  • Animal Planet
  • Discovery
  • Disney
  • Disney Junior
  • Disney XD

What Happens When the Free trial on YouTube Ends?

The standard YouTube TV package costs $64.99 monthly after the free trial. You have access to more than 100 English- and Spanish-language networks. The monthly cost for the Spanish option is $34.99, but it is not free.

youtube tv membership

Access is restricted to about one-third of the accessible Spanish-language networks. Each user has access to an unlimited amount of free cloud storage for videos as well as up to six different online identities. To view the most current YouTube TV prices, sign in with your YouTube account.

You can create up to six additional accounts, so you can all go by different monikers if you want to. Each subscription allows simultaneous streaming on up to three devices. As a result, picking a show to watch is less of a chore. However, if you are unsatisfied with your free trial, you may purchase Youtube TV subscriptions from anywhere and enjoy it.

How to Cancel a YouTube TV Subscription?

You can cancel your YouTube TV subscription anytime, whether you signed up for a free trial to watch a single program or have been a regular user for months. However, you’ll need just your computer. Do the following if you’ve decided to cancel for YouTube TV:

  1. Go to in your computer browser.
  2. Next, log in. Select the Sign In icon in the window’s upper right to sign in. Choose your Google account and input your passcode if you are not logged in.

YouTube TV Free Trial

3. Then select the icon for your page. This can be found in the window’s upper right area.

YouTube TV Free Trial

4. Select Preferences next. This is located close to the summit of the drop-down selection.

YouTube TV Free Trial

5. Select Membership next. This can be seen at the very top of the left sidebar.

6. Click Cancel or Terminate Subscription after that. This is displayed next to the YouTube TV icon.

YouTube TV Free Trial

7. Click cancel membership after that. This choice is located at the very bottom of the pop-up box. Make sure you do not select pause. If not, your account will immediately start and bill you after eight weeks.

youtube tv free trial

7. Pick a reason for your cancellation. You are not required to enter any content in the message box that displays.

8. Click Proceed Canceling after that. This information can be found on the pop-up screen’s bottom.

youtube tv

9. Click Stop Subscription to finish.

FAQs | Youtube TV Free Trial

Does YouTube TV offer a 30-day free trial?

New subscribers to YouTube TV can take advantage of 14- or 30-day free trials after signing up.

Can I share my YouTube TV?

A family group can be made if you have a YouTube TV subscription. You can share your subscription with up to 5 people in a family group without paying extra charges.

Can I access YouTube TV from two places?

You can access YouTube TV in different locations.


We have given complete information about the Youtube TV Free trial. If there is any problem, you can comment on this post. YouTube TV is the world’s leading live TV streaming option. It offers ad-free streaming with premium networks like EPIX, Showtime, and STARZ. It allows subscribers to view regional and national programming from anywhere worldwide and offers a free trial period of one week.

After the free trial ends Youtube TV monthly fee of $64.99 will be charged to continue using the service.

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